You wish to establish good contacts with trade editors, or generate free publicity through effective press releases? Or do you need help with a press conference or product launch? 

Bridge B2B will help your company ‘bridge’ the gap between you and your customers, the media and other target audiences through clear and targetted communication.

Bridge B2B is run by Peter Ibes, who has more than twenty years of experience in international public relations and media relations all over Europe. His expertise is mainly focussed on automotive, packaging, PVC’s, food & agriculture, chemical industries and industrial automation. 

Bridge B2B is an expert in media relations, as shown by these examples of our work:

  • We distributed and followed up on invitations to the international packaging media for interviews at Interpack, Europe’s largest packaging trade fair
  • Several of our technical articles for various companies have been printed in automotive, PVC, electronics and packaging media in a number of European countries
  • We assisted a press conference at the SPS IPC Drives Italia in Parma
  • We organized a press day and assisted on site for a company in Germany 
  • We selected the appropriate media for an online advertising campaign, including web banners, in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan and the US

Bridge B2B is a member of EVOKE, an international network of independent B2B PR and communications agencies. 

Bridge B2B can help your company build up effective contacts with the international trade press. 

To get in touch with Peter Ibes of Bridge B2B? Call or send an email for an appointment: +31 657321649 or