You want to build a bridge from your company to the trade press and your customers through a press campaign or advertising? 

Press campaign

Media relations entails working with (trade) press or journalists, to inform target audiences in a consistent and credible manner about your company’s mission, management strategies, products and services. The aim of such a press campaign is to maximize positive reporting, without the need to pay for it, as you would with an advert.

Here are some examples: 

  • Writing and distributing tailor-made press releases to the Dutch and European trade media
  • Maintaining relations with editorial contacts to provide you with an effective press policy
  • Organizing interviews with trade journalists
  • Organizing press visits, press conferences or product launches for the press
  • Development of case studies

The decision to run a news item lies with the editor. But providing them with a well written press release and good quality photo material increases the chance that the media will run it. The use of social media like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter are not part of media relations. After all, there is no editor involved with whom to build up a relationship. Those platforms however are important tools for the further distribution of news and  information.

Media monitoring

Knowledge is everything, and that applies to sending out press releases as well. It is important to know what has happened to your press release or interview. If requested Bridge B2B can monitor the press and provide you with a monthly summary of all the media your news has been published in and the PR-value associated with it. 

Communication support

For temporary support of your communications team, for example during a trade fair, an event or press conference, Bridge B2B is the right partner. With our help interactions with the trade press will be faster and easier, giving your company the opportunity to develop relevant media relations.

Why not invest today in your media management and contact Bridge B2B: +31 (0)657 321 649 or